College of Engineering Secure Web Server

Do you really want to be over at the College Home Page.

If you are having troubles with your account in the Engineering College computer labs, those accounts are now UNL's Active Directory. You can try activating your account at (Try this first--reports say it's the best to start with)
and you may be able to set your password to the same thing and it may work
But, you WILL have to do do the following if it says "account disabled"

If those fail, you will need to call the UNL ITS Help Desk at 402-472-3970 and have them help you. You will need to tell them your are trying to activate your UNLAD account. It is believed to be caused by your password not being 'strong enough' for the Active Directory system, even though it is for blackboard (et al).

Before classes started (in Fall 2014) we changed from using our own server to using ITS's server due to requirements from the Auditor's office. At that point all previous accounts in the lab ceased being useful. Access to the computers is supposed to be 'automatic' for any student: In the Engineering college; Taking a class in a department in the college; or in a degree program in the college (mostly for graduate student access).

Additionally, sometime over the summer 2014 facilities or IRP renumbered most of 2nd floor NH West, and the W219.1 NH computer lab is now numbered W215 (it is still in its same location)

If you were registered for an engineering course, and had an NCard on Friday before classes, you should already have door access to the labs

For all of these,note that 'Last Name' is the 2nd line on your NUID card. The first line should be your First Name and Initial. The second line is your last name as far as this registering system is concerned. For Example

Note: most of these items are processed after 15:00 on the day they're entered. They are not immediate.