MS Windows, Call to Undefined Dynalink error

If you get an error message from Windows about 'undefined dynalink', it's probably because one of your dynamic link libraries (DLLs) was overwritten by a recent software installation. You can try searching Microsoft's Knowledge Base to see if they've an answer.

When this happened to me after installing Win32s and Maple, MS Word 6.0c would no longer run (even though other MS apps did). I called MS, and they said to rename the following windows/system files:

I tried just reinstalling MS Word without renaming the above files. It still produced a 'Call to Undefined Dynalink' error message. After saving the files into a separate directory, then deleting them, and then reinstalling MS Word, it worked fine. The Web pages also suggest the following could have been changed: Someone else has reported:
I installed "Thomas Register" and my Word and Excel produced the "Undefined Dynalinks" message, Thomas changed "compobj.dll" and "Storage.Dll", I changed them back and things ran fine. I will not re-install "Thomas Register" until I am sure that I can change the (2) files back after installing "Thomas Register".

If you find a better way to deal with Undefined Dynalinks, please let me know.

Last Update: 1996-06-18